Our Commitment

The health, safety and soundness of our employees is of the utmost priority.  As a result, we will enforce strategic safety policies that we believe will impute an attitude of safety in the workplace, whether that be in our shop or at a customer job site.  We are committed to working with our customers in complying with all occupational health, safety, and environmental laws.

Company Policy

It is our policy to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.  We have enacted an effective accident and illness prevention program that empowers all employees to be partners in safety.  We expect every employee to help eliminate workplace hazards and to be accountable to each other and to our company.


Our management team is accountable for preventing systemic workplace incidents, injuries, and illnesses.  Our strategies include top-level support of safety program initiatives; collecting employee suggestions for achieving a safer, healthier workplace; staying briefed on workplace safety and health hazards; and regularly reviewing the company safety and health program for continued efficacy.


As the point of contact between management and employees, supervisors are expected to lead by example.  They communicate the company’s goals, practices, and standards to their team and are essential to fostering our cooperative safety culture.  Whether training new employees or working to eliminate hazards encountered at the job site, supervisors provide a touchstone between our safety policy and its practical application.


Our employees are expected and encouraged to participate in our safety culture and health program activities.  In addition to following established company guidelines, including proper use of personal protective equipment and participation in safety activities, we depend on each and every employee to help us be proactive rather than reactive.  From reporting hazards, accidents, and unsafe working conditions to suggesting improvements and best practices, our employees make our ideals a reality.