Marine Offshore ElectriciansMarine Electricians Available 24/7

Our highly trained and experienced crew of marine electricians are available 24/7 to provide new turnkey installations or to modernize and refurbish dated systems and anything in between.

We are members of the American Boat & Yacht Council.

Below is a Partial List of the Types of Marine-oriented Electrical Systems We Have Implemented, Maintained, or Repaired.

  • Rig Refurbishment and New Construction
  • Rig Decommissioning
  • Well Intervention Vessels
  • Semi-submersible Rigs
  • Drilling Ships
  • Push / Tug Boats
  • Cruise Ships (ABYC Standards)
  • Yachts (ABYC Standards)
  • Quarters
  • Pier and Wharf Construction
  • Shore Power
  • Anchor Systems
  • Air Purge Systems
  • Bilge/Ballast Systems
  • Building to Coast Guard Specifications